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Q & A

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To Start Earning Commissions and Referral Fees?

  • Why should I keep my license active?
    You cannot legally collect any type of real estate commissions or referral fees when your license is inactive. Since you are paying the state fees to keep your license and for CE credits that are required. Why not activate your license under our brokerage so you can earn commissions?
  • Can I legally collect a real estate commission outside the state I’m licensed in?
    Referral fees are paid between brokers and are completely legal. If one broker refers business to another broker whether in the same state or a different state it doesn’t matter, it’s legal.
  • How do I know if your company is licensed and legit?
    Visit the Florida DBPR (Department of business & professional regulation) at . You can search our brokerage name or our license number CQ1065676.
  • How do I earn a referral fee?
    When you place a referral with us through your Client/Agent Portal, we will make sure your referral is in the right hands with a top agent in their market, on any type of real estate sale. This top agent will handle the entire transaction for you. Their broker will then pay Realty Referral Connection Inc. a referral commission once the transaction closes. You will receive 100% of that referral commission less a $295 admin fee.
  • Can I sell new builder homes?
    Yes, as long as you sell new builder homes in the state of Florida you can be the selling agent and earn a commission. It can be a home for yourself or someone else. You just need to make sure that you are listed as the selling agent and Realty Referral Connection Inc. is listed as the brokerage on the builder contract. In this case once the builder pays Realty Referral Connection Inc. the commission you will receive 70% of that commission minus a $295 admin fee.
  • Can I list homes for sell or help buyers buy re-sale homes?
    No, as a referral brokerage you will be limited to either making referrals or selling new construction builder homes only.
  • What about having Error & Omission (E&O) Insurance?
    Realty Referral Connection Inc. maintains E&O insurance. Agents are covered under the policy for legally allowable real estate activities that they perform as our agents for a commission or fee. Agents who are responsible for any legal claims or legal disputes will be liable to pay the E&O insurance deductible of $2,500 per incident and any other amount not covered by the E&O insurance.
  • Can I submit referrals in all states?
    Yes, in all 50 states you can refer customers to either buy or sell homes and earn a referral fee. We have a network of qualified Realtors® in all 50 states that are willing to pay our brokerage a referral fee.
  • Can I choose the agent my referral lead goes to?
    Yes. We prefer to use our network, but if you have a Realtor® you would like to submit your referral to you can. You will still need to submit the referral through our brokerage along with the details and contact information for that Realtor®.
  • What will I need to submit the referral?
    We would need some basic information depending on if it is a buyer or seller referral. For both we would like their name, phone number, email and the timeframe they are looking to buy or sell within. Then if it’s a seller, we would need the property address. If it’s a buyer we would need to know in what city/state they are buying in and their price range. There will be a field to add any additional information (like special details or if you want to refer to a certain Realtor®).
  • What about real estate association’s fees and MLS fees?
    As a referral agent you won’t be a member of any real estate associations or multiple listing services (MLS). Therefore you will not have any of those fees. You can make referrals and new construction builder sales without being a member of either. As long as your real estate license is active with the State of Florida.
  • Okay, Now tell me the bottom line, what exactly does it cost for me to join your brokerage?
    The only fee you have to stay active in our brokerage is an annual office fee of $89.00. This would be paid annually by credit card. You would also need to pay your normal state license fee with the State of Florida and the cost of any CE courses required by the state.
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